An IDROLEB certification means our products comply with European regulations in regards to water resistance, emission, and overall commitment to protecting the natural environment. Our panels have been classified as, “Ecological,” a testament that our panels are created using re-purposed wood in a production process respecting the environment.


The FSC certifies products that contain wood only obtained from forests grown in a controlled environment that practice strict environmental protection. Our Schiffini panels are made of 100% recycled wood fiber and have received certification from the FSC.





Pannello Ecologico

The kind of panels used by Schiffini has been classified as “ECOLOGIC PANEL”, testifying they are made of 100% recycled wood. Manufactured only with re-utilized wood with a production process respecting the natural environment, not involving tree felling. The panels are marked IDROLEB. They comply with European regulations concerning water resistance and emission. IDROLEB has no equals in the world in terms of lowest emission values, certifications obtained and protection of the natural environment, all to the advantage of consumers.




Schiffini’s panels are F**** certified, testifying we have nearly no emissions of formaldehyde in our kitchen products. The F**** is the strictest regulation in regards to this matter.




In the Unites States, Schiffini kitchens are marketed with the GREENSPEC certification, which proves our kitchens are non-toxic, recyclable, and eco-sustainable.





Urs ISO 9001

Our company is in compliance with specific certifications in regards to durability and quality of our kitchen materials. Schiffini is also registered with URS Italia which subjects us to constructive inspections.




“Simplicity, the hardest thing in the world”
Vico Magistretti

“The Kitchen as the soul of the home”
Alfredo Häberli