Atrium Cucine

The kitchen is in the center of your house, it is the Heart of your living space. Whether in your own home, at your workplace, or at a friends’ house for a weekend party. It does not matter where you are, because everything, or almost everything, gravitates around a kitchen. It is a space that is constantly innovating and reinventing itself. It’s where you can have a romantic dinner with your significant other, business meeting with colleagues from work or friends for life. This is the reason why we are here. To turn that place you so much into reality. We are here to make this place you have always dreamed of come true. Your kitchen will speak on your behalf. Just call us today.

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Contract Division

ATRIUM is an ideal partner for managing the various aspects related to large- scale contracts, As it offers highly customized solutions for residential spaces and for any other type of public or private project.

Thanks to its constant desire to explore new horizons and tackle challenges, our Contract division is well equipped for furnishing any kitchen space with customized solutions offered by the wide collections LUBE and CREO.

Gallery Kitchen


Our kitchens are hallmarked by Italian style and design, which have always guided the quality of work that goes into our manufacturing excellence.

LUBE’s high-tech, cutting-edge industrial plants make the company an heir to the Italian tradition of expertise and know-how; and our passion for this tradition goes into our kitchens – for everyone who shares our love of things done right. With the head and the heart.


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