Absolute Quality


Box One System drawers are exclusively produced and sold by Schiffini. The drawer sides and backs are of extruded natural anodized aluminium, while the bottom is of 5 mm thick safety transparent tempered glass. These glass panes conform to European regulations concerning kitchen furniture.

The metal drawer runners have been tested to withstand being opened and closed 50,000 times with a load of 30 Kg in each drawer. An innovative mechanism consisting of steel balls moving on four sliding-block parallel runners give smooth operation and maximum stability even with the drawer fully open.


The Box One System drawers are in natural anodized aluminium and have tempered glass bottoms and adjustable fronts. All drawers are fitted with fully extractable runners, “safety stop” and integrated shock absorbers. The programme includes drawers, deep drawers and internal drawers which can be equipped with various accessories.


Space System is a revolutionary design concept, which exceeds the traditional way of decorating a kitchen.

Base units are truly unique. In addition to their large external dimensions of 210*, 195*, 180*, 165*, 150, 135, 120, 105, 90 and 75 cm, they offer another great advantage: deep drawers are fully extractable thanks to the sophisticated and innovative Space System, the fruit of the Schiffini Research & Development Centre’s engineering skills, in collaboration with Decoma Design. Space Systems deep drawers slide upon triple action runners and are completely in natural anodized aluminium with tempered glass bottoms. They contain a large number of accessories and are fully extractable, guided by an exclusive mechanism.

*Only with AL System structure.


Small units and many non-essential side panels are present in a traditional kitchen, limiting storage capacity and making it difficult to reach any object positioned at the back of the cabinets. Often, it is necessary to stoop to see what is inside the units.

The Space System concept is based on a maximum ho ri zon tal width, as opposed to vertical spacing. There are no more traditional small units, but rather container units of large dimensions and capacity, all fitted with fully extractable deep drawers with glass bottom and shock absorber closing device.

The hard-wearing triple extraction metal runners, which have been tested to withstand being opened and closed 40,000 times with a load of 80 Kg in each deep drawer, are fitted with an exclusive mechanism assuring perfect parallel opening and closing movements. Shock resistant closing devices are incorporated in all runners. All Space System cabinets need to be fixed to the wall by means of special anchors.


Wall System allows a functional panelling of walls by means of natural anodized aluminium slats, upon which everything is needed in a kitchen slides, including a range of accessories in natural aluminium, that can be set as desired.
Wall System means keeping order in a kitchen. Easily mounted on any wall, it is very robust.


Wall System is in terms of surface what Space System is in terms of volume. An aluminium slat (128 mm) panelling, upon which everything one can possibly need in a kitchen slides. All the equipment can be positioned within reach.


AL System is a system of container units, entirely made of extruded aluminium and tempered glass, with no chipboard and by-products of wood.

Aluminium structures withstand humidity and do not oxidize if submerged in water. They are extremely resistant to external agents.


1. Box-type section structures and cabinets made entirely of aluminium.
2. Hollow duct to house electrical wiring to illuminate the wall units internally and externally.
3. Racks to support glass internal shelves.
4. Leaf opening or flap opening doors of extruded aluminium.
5. Entirely in aluminium with no chipboard or any other degradable materials.
6. Wall System: a wall panelling system made of aluminium elements, which can be fitted with various kitchen accessories.
7. Worktops available in natural wood, stainless steel, laminate, marble, etc.
8. Wall fastening of all the Space System deep drawers.
9. Space System deep drawers up to 210 cm in width, in aluminium and tempered glass, with shock absorbers.
10. Door of mod. Cinqueterre, entirely in natural aluminium drawn-plates.
11. Cabinet back in stratified laminate, indestructible and waterproof.
12. Rack assuring parallel opening and closing movements of deep drawers.
13. Structural drawn-plates in aluminium, with natural soft rubber profiles.
14. Bottom shelf in stratified laminate, in destructible and waterproof.