Leader in Kitchen Design

Schiffini is the leading high-end kitchen brand in the market. Born in the 1920s Schiffini specialized in furnishing military and civil ships, making them the main supplier of nautical fittings to the Italian Navy. In the 1950s, Schiffini re-oriented itself towards the kitchen furniture industry. They became the first Italian company to start the series production of modular kitchens.

At the beginning of the 1960s, Schiffini was among the few distinctive companies instrumental in the creation of, “Italian design.” During this important phase, Schiffini initiated their collaboration with prominent architects and designers. Among these designers was Vico Magistretti whose collaboration with Schiffini in 1965 significantly changed the company’s image. His influence gave rise to kitchen models that are still prominent in today’s modern-day production.

In 2002 Schiffini began its partnership with other world-renowned architects and designers that are still sustained today. A collection of historical pieces that are a testament to the company’s 85 years of kitchen designs are located at headquarters in Ceparana.

Although Schiffini kitchens are constantly evolving, the company’s philosophy remains unchanged. They believe quality is synonymous with beauty, functionality and durability. Schiffini’s overall design, use of materials, and attention to details are skillfully combined to create a comfortable kitchen space with evocative power.



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