Contract Sales

Schiffini Contract Sales Division was set up in 2005 as an instrumental internal operating unit to meet the need of the high end international real estate market to provide dwellings fitted out with exclusive trimmings and furniture, adding an increased value to the property.

Schiffini Contract Division provides high quality products and services targeted at designers, promoters and building contractors specialized in the kitchen sector.

Such services include: consulting, planning, personalization, delivery and installation worldwide, besides post-sale assistance. All that in perfect synergy with the customers, with their requirements and expectations, achieving the possibility of providing many kitchen solutions and finishes.





34 Greene Street – New York, U.S.A.

44 west 22nd street Project ‐ New York, U.S.A

290 Mulberry ‐ New York, U.S.A

Catharine Street Lofts Project ‐ Philadelphia, U.S.A

Loft 25 New York, U.S.A

Loftsat Bellavista ‐ Philadelphia, U.S.A

M127 ‐ New York, U.S.A

56 Leonard, New York

The Falls ‐ Victoria, Canada

The Riverhouse ‐ New York, U.S.A



Celerina ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Hadley Homes ‐ Berkshire, United Kingdom

Oveldal Mulin ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Pontresina ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Residenza Laigueglia ‐ Alassio, Italy

Samedan ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Seda International ‐ Napoli, Italy

Surley ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Surpunt ‐ St. Moritz, Switzerland

Villa Mirabilis ‐ Lugano, Switzerland



Bless Valley ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Caspian Sea Villas ‐ Teheran, Iran

CP Resort ‐ Seoul, South Korea

East Gate Plaza ‐ Beijing, China

Enigma Ville III ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Hain House ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Hanil Development ‐ Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Heritage Estate ‐ Beijing, China

Heuksuk Dong, Megahill Project ‐ Seoul, South Korea

HKCEC Service Apartments ‐ Honk Kong

The Axis – Singapore

Luma ‐ Singapore

New World Garden ‐ Shanghai, China

Parau House ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Pien Polus Project‐Seoul, South Korea

Posco ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Raffles ‐ Jakarta, Indonesia

Reverville 14th ‐ Seoul, South Korea

Reverville15th‐Seoul, South Korea

Reverville16th‐Seoul, South Korea

Al‐Sayer Villasat Behamdoun ‐ Beirut,Lebanon

Bang Bae ‐ Seoul, South Korea